Seven Tactics To Help Keep Your Brand Top Of Mind

Knowing your point of difference is one thing, however effectively promoting it to your target market is just as crucial. The following tactics can be used to help keep your recruitment brand at the forefront of your clients and candidates' minds:

1. Develop a PR Strategy - Public relations activity can be incredibly powerful if executed correctly, yet is often an overlooked aspect of a typical recruitment agency's marketing mix. Think of how successful Morgan and Banks were in the 1990's in obtaining regular publicity for their brand. Over time, their brand became synonymous with recruitment, helping them to carve out a formidable reputation in the Australian and New Zealand market. Ask yourself, "what news worthy information can I distribute that reinforces my brand image and reputation?"

2. Organise Seminars - Invite your clients to breakfast! Arrange for an expert in your industry to speak on something topical. This will not only help to improve your relationship with clients, but also positions you as an industry expert and keeps you at the top of your client's mind.

3. Distribute Newsletters - How hard can it be to write a 2-3 page newsletter to send to clients every six weeks? It's crucial to work your database and keep reminding your clients that you exist! Focus your content on the key issues of interest to them. Show them you understand their needs and advise them on what others in their industry are doing to address these issues.

4. Develop a Tagline - Does your company have one? A tagline is typically up to six words in length and encapsulates what you do and how you're different. For example, "BMW - The Ultimate Driving Machine." Be sure to make your tagline reinforce your point of difference as opposed to using something purely because it sounds catchy.

5. Send Information of Interest - If you read a good article on an area of interest to your clients, send it to them with a personalised note. Similarly, analyse the information on your database every couple of months for salary trends in specific industries or skill sets and distribute this information to clients. Small acts like this will help reinforce that you care about your clients and it will usually repay itself tenfold.

6. Involve Your Customers - Conduct quarterly client research. Ask clients for their feedback on what services they value and use this information to tailor your offering accordingly. Reinforce that you value their opinion and insight.

7. Maximise E-mail Signatures - E-mail signatures are often overlooked as a promotional tool. Think about how many e-mails your organisation sends out each day, and how many of these e-mails are forwarded onto others. Aside from including your obvious contact details, your e-mail signature should contain your tagline, your brand positioning statement, and your website address. And don't just write: "Website:", give people a reason to visit. For example: "For the latest jobs, salaries and career advice, go to"

Remember, using the above tactics in isolation of each other will not help to reinforce your brand over the long haul. Consistency and frequency are crucial elements of any successful branding campaign.


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