The Case For Investing In Your Recruitment Brand

By Paul Quinn, © 2002

Want to attract more clients and candidates to your agency? Then start focusing on building your brand. Your recruitment brand has a powerful influence over the decision making process of both your clients and candidates. In effect, your brand acts to "pre sell" your products and services to your target market. Below are six compelling reasons why you should look to invest in your recruitment brand:

1. Maximise shareholder returns
McKinsey Consulting research confirms that strong brands deliver shareholder returns significantly above the industry average, whilst weak brands trail average industry returns by over 3 per cent.

2. Attract repeat sales without advertising
Loyal customers will often return to strong brands without prompting.

3. Charge premium margins
Research has shown that people will pay more for brands they know and trust. If your agency is currently experiencing margin pressure it may be time to invest in your brand.

4. Gain a business edge that your competitors can never take away
Your competitors can try and mimic your brand, but this strategy typically offers limited success. Strong brands identify a market niche and are first to fill the 'vacuum'.

5. Simplify your customers' decision
When customers need your service they need only to think of you.

6. Build customers' confidence and trust before a sale is made
In consistently promoting your message over a sustained period, you build your customers' trust well before they engage your services.

To maximise the impact of your brand investment in the new financial year, you need to focus on building a compelling point of difference based on the unique needs of your target market. Without a compelling point of difference there is no reason for a client or candidate to select your agency over another. Yet with over 2,000 recruitment agencies in Australia alone, identifying a point of difference is a crucial step that many agencies overlook. Indeed, during our consulting work this is one of the first questions we ask our clients. If they can't provide a compelling answer within the first 10 seconds then it's usually a clear signal that their branding strategy needs work.

Those agencies that focus on carefully building a clear and consistent brand image, and give their customers a compelling reason to interact with them, will be the ultimate winners.

"A brand without a personality, not unlike a person, lacks friends and may be easily overlooked." - Building Strong Brands, By David A. Aaker

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